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Welcome!  We are glad to have you stop by! Let us tell you a little something about ourselves.
Make it Maryville was established in 2017 by a group of "girl bosses", shop and boutique owners, that realized we were stronger together than apart.  We organized two yearly big sales events that we called "Shop Hops". In the few years since, our small businesses hit a bit of a rough patch and it became obvious that efforts needed to be escalated to bring more people to our hometown, Maryville Missouri. One of those "girl bosses" began working full time on our Facebook page and promoting our local small businesses, eventually adding instagram and now here we are with our very own dot com! Maryville has several organizations that work to grow our town. Nodaway County Economic Development, Maryville Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Maryville and now Make it Maryville. What makes us special is that we focus on the daily and weekly promotions for our shops and boutiques as well as enhancing our annual shopping events. We now  coordinate 4 yearly events. Spring Open House, June Shop Hop, Fall Open House and Christmas Shop Hop. We each have our niche much like a puzzle piece that when put together we have one big picture.  Make it Maryville is solely run by volunteer and relies on grants and contributions to keep moving forward. We are excited to be a part of the revitalization and restoration of our hometown and extraodanarily grateful that we can all come together to accomplish that goal.



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